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Gut Health Masterclass Schedule


Don’t Kill The Good Guys!


The Science Of Gut Health


Foods That Heal and Foods That Harm


Food As Medicine


Sleep, Stress and Exercise


It’s A Lifestyle

Week One

Don’t Kill The Good Guys!

In the first week, we’ll identify common items in your kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and even bathroom that can be harmful to friendly bacteria. Then, I’ll teach you how to identify and remove the troublesome culprits, so that your good guys can flourish.

Zoom Recording - Week 1
Your Toxic Load
Healthy Gut Questionnaire
Three Day Journal

Week Two

The Science Of Gut Health

In week two, we’ll dive into the science of Gut Health and identify specific strategies to start healing your gut, from food to supplements to eating windows. You’ll learn how to optimize your digestion to allow your gut health to thrive. Together, we will start to design a strategy for your healing journey.

Zoom Recording - Week 2
5 Supplements for Gut Health
Fall Inspired Recipe Book

Week Three

Foods That Heal and Foods That Harm

For week 3, I will walk you through how to make healthy meals that will heal and transform your gut. This week is designed to give you simple tools you can use for the rest of your life. Learn how a little quality kitchen time can result in quick, easy and delicious meals! I’ll teach you how to create variety too so you can keep your meals interesting while ensuring your friendly bacteria are happy. We’ll talk about how to eat with the seasons too… just as Mother Nature intended.

Zoom Recording - Week 3
One Chicken - Five Ways Recipes
Eat this..Not that...Food list

Week Four

Food As Medicine

This week is about Prebiotic and Probiotic foods. You will learn about which food feed your microbiome and help it flourish, and how to incorporate these foods into your diet. Then, it’s all about fermented food and probiotics. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and enzymes and have many health benefits including healing digestion, and there’s a lot more to probiotics than yogurt!

Zoom Recording - Week 4
Fermenting for Health Booklet

Week Five

Sleep, Stress and Exercise

Your diet is important, but it isn’t everything. The lifestyle choices you make can either help or hinder your healing process. This week we’ll dive deep into the benefits of a good night’s sleep, stress management, and finding what moves you – exercise. We’ll talk about some techniques and supplements that can make a big difference for each of the lifestyle pillars.

Zoom Recording - Week 5
Reduce Stress

Diane MacDonald, RCRT of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. has kindly shared a meditation for relaxation and reducing stress.

Morning Nutrition Booklet
Snacks and Dips Recipe Book
Turmeric Latte
Home Made Pita

Seasoned Pita Chips

Week Six

It’s A Lifestyle

​In our final week, we will wrap everything up with a recap of our time together. We will assess your progress and ensure we’re on track to achieve your goals, including the lifestyle habits that will enhance your healing journey. You will have the opportunity to ask any final questions, to ensure you leave this course with a personalized gut healing plan that will allow you to thrive for years to come.

Zoom Recording - Week 1
Healthy Gut 3 Steps to a Flourishing Flora
Healthy Gut Food List
Weekly Planning Template
5 Day Reboot
Your Well-Rounded Life Circles
Circle of Life Graphic

Circle of Life

Circle of Health Graphic

Circle of Health

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