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Program starts Jan 22!
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A healthier, revitalized you begins on January 22nd.

This program is about gaining energy, long term vitality, learning habits you can actually stick with, and understanding that the health of every system in your body starts in the gut.

You won’t find restrictive meal plans in this program. 

What you will find is simple, tasty and gut friendly recipe collections that you can plan your meals with.

Restrictive Diets are not fun!  Worse than that, they fail to focus on the key to your health – Your Gut.

Healthy is fun!  Building a strong foundation with the keys to open all the right doors.

Why most online health programs & courses don’t work, and why this program is different…

How many online courses have you purchased and then never opened thinking “I’ll get to it soon”?

The failure rate is high, and stats show us that only 10% of people actually finish the programs they purchase. Yikes!

I believe wholeheartedly in no one being left behind, and my passion to help as many people as possible heal themselves by taking control of their gut led me to create this brand new hybrid program called “Gut Health for Every Body”.

I’ve taken all the best parts of my signature 1:1 program, and reformatted it into this hybrid 21 day program, and because I’m able to deliver to more people at once, I am able to offer the course at a an amazing price.

If you’ve ever dreamed of 1:1 support and the cost was the deciding factor holding you back, then you’re about to get pretty excited to see the price of this program – it’s only $125 for lifetime access and the 2024 bonuses.

Join me as I lead the very first group through this new group program starting on Jan 22nd.

In this 21 day program, you’ll learn:

  • How food can be medicine – if you know which ones to use for a positive impact on your body…

  • The core principles that make a REAL difference for every body (hint: there’s no one-size fits all solution, nor should there be).

  • How nutrition and lifestyle is critically important for long-term health, and knowing the right shifts to make (and when).

You can experience amazing transformations in a short amount of time, yes, really!

Microbiome has become a household word but few know how to build a healthy microbiome.

Let’s change that together.

What is your gut and why does it matter?

Your gut microbiome is made up of microorganisms that live in your intestinal tract.

Mainly composed of bacteria, these microorganisms are critical to your health and well being.

Your gut is where 80% of your immune system resides.

It is also the place where 90% of serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced.

An unbalanced gut microbiome (dysbiosis) can wreak havoc on your body from head to toe making you more susceptible to disease, inflammation, anxiety, depression, low energy, headaches and more.

Thankfully, the reverse is also true. A balanced and flourishing microbiome leads to less, even reversed inflammation, improved immunity, digestion, energy, and mood.

By nurturing a healthy gut we can lead healthier, happier and longer lives. 

Over the next 21 days you will learn the most important things you can do to rebuild your microbiome and restore your health.

Heal Your Gut… Heal your Body!

What’s included inside

Gut Health for Every Body

  • 21 daily lessons that will teach you the best practices and strategies to get your microbiome thriving.

  • Complete video & written lessons. A new lesson is unlocked each day and we will go through it together so that no one is left behind.

  • & LOTS of recipes (remember, this is NOT a meal plan or food protocol, these recipes are for your enjoyment).

  • Digital food and mood journals specially designed for this program that you will use to record your progress and track your wins.

  • Instant Access to the Member Portal (with App access to use on the go).

    All of your lessons, training videos, worksheets, and recipes will be on one convenient Practice Better platform that is easy to access, and secure!

  • Community Support!

    Private community access within the same portal – no need to request access to yet another Facebook page.

    Join the conversation in this private group and we can motivate and build one another up – I’ll be there too, to cheer you on and answer your questions!

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lloyd

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach and Gut Health practitioner working in the Greater Vancouver Area.

I have been passionate about nutritious, healthy food for as long as I can remember, and I have seen first-hand how clean eating can change lives, starting with my own.

After years of feeling unwell and experiencing numerous symptoms including mood swings, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, and constant cold and flu infections, I was frustrated. Doctor after Doctor, prescription after prescription – nothing helped.

I was desperate for relief and at my wits end when I found a nutrition class at the local Community Centre and decided to give it a try. It was then that everything changed.

I jumped feet-first into this new healthy world, and it wasn’t long before I felt like a whole new person both physically and emotionally. Something sparked inside me during that class, and I have never looked back.

I created Eat For Living to share my knowledge and passion for good, nutritious food, and to help others like you find the same joy and whole-body wellness I discovered: evidence-based nutritional health coaching, not the latest diet trend.

My programs are designed to put the fun back into food and to help you discover exactly the right foods you need to nourish your unique body.

I hope I get to meet you and help you on your way to a healthier you!

2024 Bonuses included in the $125 21 day program

A special LIVE group kick-off call on Jan 22nd at 6:30pm PST. We’re going to get on zoom together to set our intentions for the program together and set the stage for what’s to come.

Value $47

1 30min 1:1 zoom check-in with me to keep you on track and reaching your goals during the program. This is time JUST FOR YOU (it’s not a group call). No student will be left behind!

Value $67

Is Gut Health for Every Body a strict dietary plan?2024-01-04T15:25:54-08:00

In no way is this a strict dietary protocol – you won’t even find a meal plan.  It is actually designed to be informative, empowering and fun!  You will receive gut loving recipes that you may incorporate into your lifestyle as you like.

Are there powders and pills that need to be purchased?2024-01-04T15:24:17-08:00

No.  This course does not require the purchase of any supplements.  There are some suggestions made along the way and these may easily be found at your local Health Food Store or through Fullscript (an online professional supplement store where I offer a 10% discount on the recommended products).

What is the cost of this 21 day program?2024-01-06T08:03:43-08:00

The cost of this 21 day course is a one-time fee of $125. That’s it!

How do I access this course?2024-01-06T08:04:17-08:00

When you register for the course, you will receive access to a private client portal called Practice Better. This is where the classes, videos, recipes and documents will help you stay on track by having all essential program information in one organized location. The course hosted on Practice Better can be accessed 24/7 from the web or mobile app so that is is always convenient for you to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Will this class help with my current digestive issues?2024-01-04T15:28:48-08:00

Absolutely!  Because this program isn’t a medical protocol or meal plan, it is designed to help you get to the root of your gut issues so that you can start the healing process, and get back to living a life with enthusiasm and vitality.

I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – is this program still for me?2024-01-06T08:08:14-08:00

This course is all about laying a strong foundation for your health by optimizing your gut health. 

Your microbiome influences every system in your body so much so, that unhealthy gut microbiome can lead to some serious problems and even increase your risk of developing a host of chronic diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatigue, as well as ADHD.

I’m not Vegan or Vegetarian…can I still take this course?2024-01-04T15:31:53-08:00

Again, absolutely!  Gut Health is all about adding in the good and not leaving you feeling deprived of foods you enjoy.  You will enjoy a variety of recipes that you can pick and choose from to satisfy your preferences.

In less than one month together, inside Gut Health for Every Body, I will show you how to:

Optimize Your Gut Health

This is the key to boosting our metabolism, balancing our hormones, and taming the inflammation that causes a host of diseases. Most importantly, it’s the key to feeling GOOD.

Establish Lasting Healthy Habits

It is healthy habits that allow us to just live our routine lives and yet be promoting health and fitness.

Become the Healthiest Version of You

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Learn bite size pieces of (very) digestible science that will show you the steps to achieve vibrant health.

Rethink The Way You Think About Nutrition

Honestly, food can be fun! With a little knowledge and enthusiasm you’ll enjoy your food, your new found health and energy. You will never turn to a drastic fad diet again!

Reset, Restore, and Revitalize

You’ll come through these 21 days feeling more energetic, confident, well-informed, and happy YOU! It’s not about diets, it’s about healthy habits!

Start 2024 with support, guidance and a plan.
21 days to empower you with the knowledge to enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut for years to come.

A healthier, revitalized you begins on January 15th.

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