Is September the new January?

I’ve had the urge to have a good old purge – I’m talking New Year’s Resolution kind of clean out.I feel like my body clock has got confused and thinks it is the new year. I’ve been sorting through old papers, books and yes, my kitchen cupboards and even the pantry.

⁠And it’s not just the physical clutter. I’ve been shaking off old thoughts and mind-sets, trying to work out what I want and where I want to be heading. Making a few resolutions about the things I should or shouldn’t be doing.⁠

Is September the new January?

It all feels very ‘January’.⁠  I’ve heard it said that September is the new January and it certainly seems that way for me right now.

If you are feeling the same urge as I am to clear out the mental and physical clutter, and reassess where you are at, go with it and see where it takes you.  Trust the instinct and if nothing else, you’ll have a clean and tidy house!⁠

For me, I’m working on (elusive) balance.. Trying not to frazzle myself into thinking I have to get it all done and get it done now.

For many of us, health is in the forefront.

I know that it’s in the forefront as all of my September classes have been filling up and each participant is eager to get their health back on track or take it to the next level. If that’s where you are at as well you may want to check out my upcoming online, workshops.